Veronica Raygoza

Court Advocacy Program Director

Veronica Raygoza

My name is Veronica Raygoza.  I started working for Gateway Domestic Violence Services in March of 2015 as a Bilingual Adult Counselor / Court Victim Advocate.  As a counselor, I provided individual, and group counseling to survivors of domestic violence.  As an advocate, I assisted clients with a safety plan and community resources appropriate for them.  This job became my passion I couldn’t agree more with Gateway Domestic Violence Services’ mission statement.


“Preventing and eliminating intimate partner violence through counseling, residential care and empowering people for social change.”


In 2020, Gateway allowed me to be the Program Director of the Court Advocacy Program located at the Aurora Municipal Court. I know that I can’t change the world, but I also know that advocating for survivors of domestic violence might be an opportunity to change someone’s life. Coming to work every day, knowing that my job could help save a life by providing counseling and advocacy services to a survivor, pays more than anyone can imagine.

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