Michelle McKay

Interim Shelter Director – North Shelter

Michelle McKay


I have been a part of Gateway for almost 20 years.  I started out at Gateway working as the Children’s Counselor.  Working with the up and coming generation has always been a passion of mine – I have worked with children for many years prior to Gateway.  I love their energy and honesty – they are our future leaders and they need good role models.


I remember praying and saying, one day I would love to be able to work with children so that I could sit and talk with them about their feelings, struggles, hopes, and dreams. I believed I would be able to give them some good advice and guidance, and sure enough, my prayers were answered, more so than I could have ever imagined. I continue to work with the children but have also grown in so many areas and have been given so many opportunities within the agency. My career path has broadened to Management and Supervision. A Prayer that turned into a dream come true.


I have met some of the most amazing people throughout this journey, and I have learned a lot along the way. One thing I’ve learned is despite the struggles we all may face at times in our life, no matter what, when, or where, we’re stronger together. I’ve learned that mostly from our families who come to us for support, sometimes with no clothes, no place to go, no money, just each other. 


For those who know me, know I have a love for all people and I always look for the good in all mankind. I believe there is good in all people, sometimes we just have to dig a little harder with some. 😊


I am very optimistic and I love to encourage others around me to be the same. I have had phenomenal leadership, guidance, and support from the beginning. The list of people is so long but you all know who you are and the special place you hold in my heart. Thanks for being a part of my dream come true: my Gateway family, friends, colleagues & guests.

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