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Volunteers Spruce Up Our Outdoor Space


Gateway was lucky enough to be selected by the Colorado Arborists and Lawn Care Professionals for their annual Day of Service this year. Members of the CALCP donated their time and talent to clean up one of Gateway’s Residential Shelter’s outdoor spaces. They spent a whole day pruning trees, fixing the irrigation system, spraying for weeds, laying down mulch, and cleaning up the debris.

Volunteers Lawn Work


“Gateway is so lucky to have such a great group of individuals who came out today and lend their expertise to help in fixing our yard so children can play in it. They have made a difference in people’s lives today and we will not forget it. We are so thrilled with the difference made today.” Karmen Carter, Executive Director, Gateway Domestic Violence Services.


“Many can say their homes are a sanctuary, a safe space to enjoy with their loved ones. Sadly, the reality of daily life is gravely different for many mothers and children within our communities and beyond. Fortunately, there is a safe space that welcomes those women and children in need of safety and shelter from otherwise unimaginable home lives. This year, CALCP was presented with a special opportunity to make a small difference for those women and children in need. Today, we visited one of the Gateway Domestic Violence shelters and provided a host of services to the exterior to make it more inviting for its residents. As you may imagine, the minimal funding for these shelters leaves little room for spending on necessary upkeep. Basic lawn, tree, and other various landscape services that those in are industry provides are a luxury that these shelters usually go without. Today, we were blessed with several willing volunteers within our green community to give their outdoor space a major upgrade. I’m pleased with the amazing work our volunteers provided to make an unfavorable situation just a bit more welcoming for the residents.” Dayna Macbeth, President, CALCP Board of Directors


Ryan Pinto, an arborist with Davey Tree said, “I am out here today because it is important to give back to my community. CALCP Day of Service allows me to use my expertise in pruning trees to help such an important nonprofit. I had a friend that was going to a battered women’s shelter. Before she was able to get in, her abuser killed her and her mom. This cause hit very close to home for me, and I did not hesitate to sign up.”


Volunteers working on Lawn

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