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Kelli RandallNot only did Kelli volunteer on the fundraising committee for Gateway, she worked with us to help raise awareness of Gateway’s 24/7 crisis hotline with Outdoor Promotions bus shelter advertising.

In Kelli’s words, “The volunteers on the fundraising committee called and emailed individuals and businesses in the Denver metro market throughout the year, to help victims of domestic violence. During the process, we raised awareness of Gateway’s services to save lives. A majority of people were willing to donate and went to the website to give (via Community First Foundation.) We also conducted social media birthday charity events and go fund me events. The amount of money was not important – the fact that any amount was donated meant all family members affected by domestic violence could be helped.”​

Gateway SignsOutdoor Promotions, the bus shelter advertising company, continues to help raise awareness of Gateway’s 24/7 crisis hotline and for those willing to donate, they are saving lives. Gateway’s posters are seen by hundreds of millions of Denver metro drivers. These signs are seen every day, by men, women, children, teens, families, and new movers. They are being made aware of Gateway’s brand and as a result, call or visit the website. The amount of crisis calls and donations tripled during quarantine 2020. Luckily, Outdoor Promotions had donated 60% and continues to help carry the message of life-saving shelter.