September 2022 Newsletter

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month DVAM (Domestic Violence Awareness Month) is just a few weeks away! Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate; it can happen in any community, and victims can be of any gender, race, or socioeconomic status. Every one of us can play a role in ending domestic violence and supporting survivors.  Please visit our website to learnContinue reading “September 2022 Newsletter”

Heather Colliander

I started at Gateway Domestic Violence Services in the middle of October 2022. I worked for Gateway from 1999-to 2007 in a similar position. I have always been passionate about women’s and children’s issues. For many years I worked with agencies that promoted justice through social change. Gateway’s mission of eliminating intimate partner violence throughContinue reading “Heather Colliander”

Joslyn Stallman

Joslyn’s Eagle Scout community service project focused on creating 50 ‘essentials’ backpacks for Gateway Shelter.  Her inspiration was a project she had done for her Girl Scouts of America’s Silver Award, which was creating 60 ‘essentials’ backpacks for the Aurora Homeless Shelter.  Each backpack would initially contain 1 blanket, 1 stuffed animal, a pair of socks,Continue reading “Joslyn Stallman”

Veronica Raygoza

Court Advocacy Program Director   My name is Veronica Raygoza.  I started working for Gateway Domestic Violence Services in March of 2015 as a Bilingual Adult Counselor / Court Victim Advocate.  As a counselor, I provided individual, and group counseling to survivors of domestic violence.  As an advocate, I assisted clients with a safety planContinue reading “Veronica Raygoza”

Liyane – Is Powerful and Independent

“My name is Liyane (not her real name), a survivor of Domestic Violence. Eight years ago, I relocated from Houston, Texas, to Denver, Colorado, with my two children. My partner was very abusive, and he would beat me without remorse; at the last altercation, he almost strangled me to death in the presence of ourContinue reading “Liyane – Is Powerful and Independent”

Pillow Hugs for Kids in Need

Sometimes, a favorite pillow is just the thing you need for comfort.    Children who have visited Gateway have been the grateful recipients of travel size pillows since 2008.  A special group of women have made and donated over 1600 of these special pillows to Gateway over the last 13 years!   Pillow Hugs isContinue reading “Pillow Hugs for Kids in Need”

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